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The 6 Best Waterproof Overshoes for 2021

The 6 Best Waterproof Overshoes for 2021

Cycling overshoes have just one brief: to fend off harsh winter weather and keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable for every ride. Whether your cycling socks aren’t warm enough for long days out, or you simply want to keep your cycling shoes looking good, a pair of quality waterproof overshoes can be your ticket to complete protection, no matter how rough it gets.

So to weatherproof your feet and keep you riding in comfort for longer, we break down the 6 best waterproof overshoes that’ll keep out the chill for all your cycling endeavours.

DexShell Heavy Weight Overshoes - £35.00

Buy now from Aquaproofs (£35.00)

DexShell Heavy Weight Overshoe


  • Heavy duty and abrasion-resistant
  • Strong reinforcement around the toe and middle sole
  • Easy to get on


  • Sizing comes up small

Buy if: you’re a winter rider who wants an affordable overshoe that’s super robust, hard-wearing and easy to get on

Great for regular winter riding, DexShell’s Heavy Weight Overshoes provide (as the name suggests) heavy duty protection. Tougher than DexShell’s lightweight version, these cycling overshoes offer pretty much everything you could want from an overshoe: they’re durable, water-resistant, warm and, best of all, easy to get on. Literally built for when you’re caught in a downpour or roughing it on a muddy trail.

Made from a robust yet comfortable neoprene fabric with a thermal rating of 3 out of 5, DexShell’s Heavy Weight Overshoes not only hold in the heat, but they’re truly abrasion-resistant. The usual scuffs and marks you’d get on most overshoes don’t appear on these due to their stiffer, reinforced fabric panels along the entire toe area and middle sole. Featuring a water-resistant, reflective zip at the back, pulling them on and off is a breeze. As well as giving you that extra bit of visibility, the elastic cuff band with silicone gripper is a nice addition to ensure a snug, slip-free fit.

It’s hard to find fault with these overshoes, but one thing worth noting is the sizes tend to come up small, so either make sure you measure before buying or perhaps order 2 different sizes. But we can forgive DexShell for that.


GripGrab Arctic Overshoes - £62.95

Buy now from Wiggle (£62.95), Bikester (£60.99)


GripGrab Arctic Overshoes

  • Zipless design
  • Strap for securing a safety light
  • The warmest overshoe yet
  • A bit pricey
Buy if: you want well-insulated, zipless waterproof shoes and you’ve got money to splash

Designed to combat baltic temperatures, GripGrab’s Arctic Overshoes really would protect you in the Arctic. Made with hollow fibre lined 4mm waterproof neoprene, it’s one of the warmest shoe covers you can buy. Unlike other overshoes, the bottom of the cover is completely open, secured only by a velcro strap instead of a zip, so there’s no risk of irritation during a long ride. Plus it makes peeling them off your feet a breeze and is said to enhance the durability of the shoes.

As for its waterproofness, GripGrab uses their IntelliSeal around the heel and toe to create a seal around the opening and prevent moisture from seeping in. Even more, the back of the shoe has the ability to clip on a light and reflective patch, giving you more visibility in darker conditions. The only downside is they come at a fairly hefty price, but for the quality and performance they give, we think they’re worth it.

Endura Freezing Point II Overshoes - £49.99

Buy now from Wiggle (£47.49), Chain Reaction (£47.49), Merlin Cycles (£49.99)


Endura Freezing Point II Overshoes

  • High cut design for extra protection
  • Fleece-lined neoprene construction
  • Highly insulated to keep you warm on long rides
  • Sizing comes up small
Buy if: you want something that’s built to last and keep you warm during harsh winter rides

Freezing temperatures have nothing against the Endura Freezing Point II Overshoes. Providing all the insulation you need to get you through those rough winter rides, the fleece lining traps that all-important warmth, while the neoprene outer repels water when you get caught in the rain.

Featuring a tough aramid sole with aramid thread, they’re as durable as they are waterproof. Suide prints also provide protection against crank rubbing, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout your ride. And the reflective details are a nice touch and particularly useful when riding in the dark. Finally the offset rear zip makes them easy to slip on and off. Our only comment is the sizing comes up a little small, so make sure you measure your feet or size up.

Sealskinz All Weather LED Cycle Overshoe - £55.00

Buy now from Sealskinz (£55.00), Go Outdoors (£50.00)
Sealskinz All Weather LED Cycle Overshoe
  • Integrated LED light
  • Ideal for all temperatures
  • Reinforced toes
  • Sizing comes up small
Buy if: you want more visibility on the roads at night without compromising performance

Let’s start with the main USP: the flashing LED light. These overshoes are made for those who ride in darker conditions, helping to keep you visible on the roads. The LED technology emits a bright light in the rear of the overshoe and allows you to switch between fast flash, slow flash and continuous. So you can stay visible up to 500m and for up to 240 hours runtime with a replaceable battery (just make sure you remove the light before washing them).

But it’s not just about the gizmos. These are a well-built, quality pair of overshoes that don’t skimp on the essentials. They’re warm, waterproof, feature a robust zip, tough soles and go as far as reinforcing the toes and seams with Kevlar, so it’s unlikely you’ll wear through the toe anytime soon. Ideal for riding in all temperatures, they’re a great all-year-round overshoe. The only downside is the sizing tends to come up small, so be aware before buying. And they only come in black, but that’s just us.

Castelli Pioggia 3 Overshoes - £65.00

Buy now from Wiggle (£65.00), Sigma Sports (£65.00)


Castelli Pioggia 3 Overshoes
  • They keep out water better than any overshoe
  • Hard-wearing sole
  • Very stretchy for a close fit
  • There are warmer options out there
Buy if: you want water-tight overshoes that won’t let you down even in the heaviest downpours

You’ll be excited for wet weather with the Castelli Pioggia 3 Overshoes. Crafted from a stretchy, fleece-lined waterproof polyurethane, these cycling overshoes seal out the worst of the weather. And for extra reinforcement, the silicone grippers on the top cuffs protect against water that’s run down your leg. Plus its waterproof zip is the best we’ve ever seen - virtually nothing will get past it.

Waterproof, close-fitting and durable, they’re your best friend through winter. The sole is constructed from tough materials that are designed to tackle rough road conditions, while still allowing easy access to your cleats. The fleece lining helps keep you feet well insulated, but they’re not the warmest overshoes we’ve come across. So if you’re planning on riding in baltic weather, you might want to consider something else. But otherwise, it’s hard to find fault with these overshoes.

Altura Firestorm Overshoes - £39.99

Buy now from Tredz (£19.99)

Altura Firestorm Overshoes


  • Highly reflective print
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Abrasion resistant underfoot, heel and toe fabric
  • Not as close-fitting as others, so more susceptible to water ingress
Buy if: you want a reflective overshoe that’ll protect you in most weather, but that’s missing some key waterproof details

Featuring an abstract pattern and a large reflective area, the Altura Firestorm Overshoes certainly stand out from the competition. They even come in white - a refreshing change from the usual black and grey. But as well as the design, these lightweight overshoes pack a good amount of performance in them. The zip down the back makes them easy to get on and off, but slightly more susceptible to water ingress. And the underfoot material is reasonably resistant, while the heel and toe are reinforced to make them that bit more durable.

Their lightweight softshell fabric makes them highly breathable, but they’re not as close-fitting as other overshoes, which might bother some cyclists. Just a few details worth bearing in mind before buying. But for the more affordable price, we were impressed with how well they kept out the wet and cold. We’re just not sure how well they’d fare in extreme cold weather.
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